Hello, welcome to my new game development site. Please excuse my site’s bare-bone design as I just migrated to my new hosting site…
Snouty Plays is a branch of my main site, my first commercial game development. Being a solo first timer, it’s quite a challenge. This is my side indie “business”, an other ambition & opportunity. After all, it’s an another form of creation that can bring me & others fun & joy.

Current Project:

title-FMOblankwalk_johan_tinywalk_irwin_tinywalk_vesop_tinyFry Me Omelettes

My first entry: a casual cooking game, or ‘a simulator about frying eggs’, and I aim to publish for web (and maybe mobile).

Progress Checklist: 

*I’m sorry to tell you that all the dev logs before June 16′ are gone, due to my inexperience on transferring site + bad luck. Yet, new dev logs will still be added here.

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Log Update

May 27 ,2017  — Day 864
Preparing to Make My Next Game…


It’s been awhile.

The unique cooking game has already been out 6 months since the official release date. Now, near 5000 gameplays on Kongregate, and almost 80 accumulated downloads on mobile version so far. Not so good… basically due to lack of aggressive promotion and stuff… but that’s fine.

Little did i ever mentioned: the current version 1.2 on Kongregate (or 1.1 on Android) has added a few features to further adding the game’s “flavor”.

  • element: Greasiness
  • 1 new unlockable
  • 3 new achievements

Now, I have to put the game aside… for a long while. I’m going to focus on my next game from now on, it will be a puzzle-type game, probably inspired by Windows classic game ‘Chip’s Challenge’ and other top view tile-based games.

Still, I will definitely come back and make 1 last MAJOR update before next year. (ver 1.3 Kong version/ ver 1.2 Android version)

So what’s the progress on my new game?
It’s still on concept development, not much visual is coming out & the main puzzle elements are not decided. But some screenshots will be showing here around June, when the game is looking a bit more like a pre-alpha stage. There will be a new dev log for the new game when it’s ready.

So then… Until next time! 😉